VLink™ is an IP-software multi-channel / multi-access communications solution that intelligently connects to RTS intercoms, creating the optimal fusion of hardware and software capabilities. VLink is highly scalable to thousands of soft keypanel users, supports virtually an unlimited number of point-to-points and PLs, boasts LDAP integration, SNMP traps, AES encryption, and SIPREC recording. VLink consists of the following core components:

VLink Virtual Matrix / Server: multi-threaded, server-side summing/mixing engine with integrated SIP support;
VLink User Interface: client-side GUI for non-blocking, multi-channel, multi-access critical communications;
VLink Device Interface: software interface to easily bridge disparate communication systems including hardware intercoms, two-way radios, and public/private telephone networks;
System Administration Application: administrative user control for dynamic configuration and monitoring of VLink from any workstation on the network