DV GROUP mission is to provide state-of-the-art professional and broadcast equipment, as well as turnkey solutions to the Albanian TV, video market and IT market, Computer and peripherals. The range of equipment & solutions includes from gathering, editing, processing, and on-air transmission of digital video post-production tools and suites, as well as TV automation solutions for Albanian broadcasters. Part of this mission is to provide the technical support and training in knowledge use of the video/audio technology.


Thanks to 10 years of experience in implementation of the video/audio technologies, systems integration, etc. DV GROUP Ltd. offers all the possibilities and the premises in implementation of these technologies in the Albania.


  • Broadcast & professional systems integration
  • Broadcast & professional non-linear editing (NLE) systems integration
  •  Broadcast servers and disk recorders implementation
  • TV automation proprietary products design and implementation
  • Play Out Video Servers & DVB Servers
  • Charter Generator & Graphic Play Out Solution
  • Professional animation & composting workstations integration
  • Professional software for 3D content and visual effects creation
  • Professional audio disk recorders
  • Consumer non-linear editing solutions
  • Computers, peripherals, and solutions
  • Software and Network Solutions



Our current primary markets are the Albanian TV stations, post-production studios, IT Companies, etc. as well as serving to Kosovo market.
Since end of 2010 DV GROUP Ltd is one of the shareholders in the new company : Broadcast Integrated Solution Ltd based in Pristina, Kosovo, which will look after the same market segments in Kosovo.


  • Aggressive marketing with detailed client database, including more than 360 client entries.
    Prospective and current customers are actively being called on a frequent basis, in order to
    discuss and fulfil their current and future requirements and needs.
  • Perfect team working based on a proprietary global internal information system. Each client’s
    call or meeting is logged to the client’s record for future reference and strong team-working.
    Every member of our team always knows what other members have done for a particular
  • Permanent system development based on our own demo equipment units.
  • Dedicated technology research at most major international trade shows like NAB, IBC, ISE and CEBIT. Our well-trained marketing and technology specialists take all their time to evaluate and decide on partner’s and competition’s technologies, shown on such events.
  • Strong hardware/software support by a high-skilled technical staff.


  • DV GROUP Ltd. has a sophisticated research & development plan for the TV automation area, including integration with third-party systems for content management, visual program preparation, on-air control, traffic & billing, archiving, distant management and support
  • DV GROUP Ltd. is gradually transforming itself from a workstation integrator to an advanced digital solution provider for entire television and post-production stages
  • DV GROUP Ltd. recognizes the importance of today’s communication technologies for future visual content distribution and is also expanding towards TelCo market requirements and targets