General purpose input/output interface

AZedit Software
The GPIO-16 unit is configured using the AZedit intercom configuration software AZedit is also used to assign the GPIO-16 to relay groups.
The GPIO-16 now supports two communication modes; RS-485 Serial and Ethernet. The GPIO-16 Ethernet supports either 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps connection speeds.
(2) 50-pin Telco General Purpose Input and Output Connection
DB-9 Serial Connection (RS-485)
RJ-45 Ethernet Connection
Multiple Interfaces per ADAM Frame
Up to 16 GPIO-16’s can be supported by a single ADAM frame
Each GPIO-16 interface provides 16 opto-isolated inputs and 16 relay outputs. The GPI inputs can be set up to remotely controlled keypanel keys to activate intercom ports, party lines, relay outputs, etc. within the intercom system. The relay outputs can be used to control lighting or to key remote transmitters, paging systems, etc. Relays can be assigned to keys via the AZedit intercom configuration software. The GPIO-16 supports two communication modes: RS-485 serial and Ethernet.