Content Management

All-in-one content management. The universal metadata description tool.

Multi-user environment
Many users may access the dataset simultaneously from separate network-connected workstations.
Automated content import
As soon as the content ingest by CaptureBox Neo has finished, DataBox Neo imports the media asset into the database with its relevant metadata coming from CaptureBox Neo capture list. Content coming from different sources can automatically be assigned to different metadata templates for easier database sorting.
Network access SQL database
As a true SQL database, DataBox Neo clients work with a shared database content throughout the network. No special network traffic overhead is created even when multiple users work simultaneously.
Advanced content classification
Content can be sorted by three main classification levels, as well as by cross-profiles such as sequences, groups, keywords and etc. The main levels are extracted from common classification schemes – type (i.e. Cinema, Music, News and etc.), category (Show, Movie, Mini-series and etc.), and genres (Action, Drama, Thriller and etc.).
Multiple parts, channels and media
Each program may consist of many parts, recorded on separate media. Each part may consist of multiple audio/video/subtitle tracks.
Intuitive, easy to use interface
Each part of the interface is a data manager, dedicated to classification, credits, locations and etc. The main grid area gives a clear overview of all the content, while the classification tree is shown besides it. No special training is required for the user to master DataBox Neo.