Narrow band 2-channel vhf/uhf synthesized wireless intercom system

The RTS BTR-30N Narrow Band 2-Channel VHF/UHF Synthesized Wireless Intercom System is a revolutionary product offered in today’s ever-changing and shrinking RF environment. Providing a 25kHz of modulated bandwidth, the BTR-30N narrow band system allows more users per channel in the relatively unused VHF spectrum and a reduced footprint in the cramped UHF band.

While providing excellent audio performance, the Narrow Band system provides all of the standard features of the RTS RadioCom BTR-80N system, such as DSP digital processing and Intelligent Power Control. Additional features include multiple selectable transmitter power outputs, selectable receiver squelch control, RF meter display on base station and beltpack displays, remote battery indicators on base station display, beltpack battery percentage display, low battery tone indicator on beltpack, AC or DC power input on base station, simultaneous 2-Wire and 4-Wire operation and the ability to expand a system to an unlimited number of users in half-duplex with the First-On-Latch-Out feature. The BTR-30N fits in a standard 19-inch equipment rack and is 1 (1) rack unit high. The TR-30N and TR-32N beltpacks are constructed of durable and lightweight magnesium and provide up to 10-12 Hours of operation on AA alkaline batteries.