Blackmagic MultiView

Now you can monitor multiple SDI sources on an HD or Ultra HD display or TV!

Blackmagic MultiViews are the world’s first native Ultra HD multi viewers that let you monitor completely independent SDI video sources on a single HD or Ultra HD display! With full frame re‑synchronization on every input, you can monitor any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD formats and frame rates all at the same time, on the same display. When used with an Ultra HD television, the quad split view gives you four full resolution 1080 HD monitors on a single screen! You also get on screen audio meters, custom view labels and much more!

  • Blackmagic MultiView 4 HD
    Monitor up to four different SD and HD sources on the same display at the same time!
  • Blackmagic MultiView 4
    Monitor any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD sources all on the same screen, at the same time!
  • Blackmagic MultiView 16
    Monitor up to 16 different SD, HD or Ultra HD sources on a single Ultra HD display at twice the resolution per view.
  • Teranex Mini Smart Panel
    The optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel adds front panel controls to your Blackmagic MultiView 4. Turn on custom labels, audio meters, borders and tally and adjust settings such as the IP address and output video format.
  • Teranex Mini Rack Shelf
    Rack mount up to 3 MultiView 4 models or combine a mix of Teranex Mini converters and MultiViews side by side with this lightweight, 1 RU shelf that’s perfect for road cases or equipment racks.