Audiocom balanced intercom

Audio balanced intercom systems, utilizing industry-leading balanced audio system structure and highly configurable and expandable modular designs, are utilized in virtually every kind of application and venue throughout the world.

Master stations
The Audiocom master stations provide user station flexibility with system power in the convenience of 1RU box. Operators can utilize headset or speaker/mic operation and have full access to all intercom channels both individually and as “all-talk”. Master station users can also utilize innovative features like the Remote Mic Kill function to silence any open mic on the intercom channel so that extraneous noise can be eliminated. Can operate in an unbalanced mode to be completely Clear-Com compatible.

Power supplies
The power supply, whether it be a discrete component or integrated into a master station, provides system power for down line components such as beltpacks and speaker stations. All of the two-channel power supplies feature Instantaneous Auto Reset (IAR) technology and can operate in an unbalanced mode to be completely Clear-Com compatible.

User stations
Audiocom user stations provide the ability to monitor and communicate with other users on the system. User stations come in desktop, rackmount, wall mount, and other form factors for virtually any application.

Window intercom
The ICW-6 is a reliable, rugged, and flexible security and ticket booth communications solution. Unique audio-shaping circuitry and enhanced VOX technology ensure maximum voice intelligibility. Installation is quick and easy with a 2-piece, super rugged, maintenance-free polycarbonate enclosure.

Remote speaker stations
Both the single-channel SS-1002 and the dual-channel SS-2002 speaker stations can be used both as speaker stations (optional MCP-90-0/8/12/18 panel mount microphone required) and/or as headset stations. Speaker stations can be used stand-alone as a faceplate or in conjunction with a “U”, “S”, or “P” box depending on application. Available in wall mount, desktop or portable configuration. The speaker stations can operate in unbalanced mode to be completely Clear-Com compatible.

Wall-Mount stations
The wall mount intercom stations mount in standard doublewide electrical boxes and can be installed at strategic locations throughout a building. The user need only connect a headset or telephone-style handset to begin communicating.

Beltpack stations are ideal for users who will be stationed in a general work area, but who need some mobility and wish to keep their hands free. Beltpacks can be connected in a daisy chain configuration directly back to the intercom system power supply or master station.

Audiocom accessories
A complete lines of intercom accessories are available XLR Cables, breakout panels, line splitters, convertors, XLR wall plates, Call light indicators and headset accessories