Interactive Multi-Pen Whiteboard Kit


The NEC Interactive Multi-Pen Whiteboard Kit is an ideal solution to create an interactive world of experience and attendee participation in classrooms and the corporates. The Kit includes the NEC Multi-Pen Projector UM351Wi, including wallmount, as well as a high quality 88 inch (223,5 cm), 16:10 whiteboard. The interactive pen transfers the actions on the whiteboard directly to a fixed sensor module at the projector that needs only a single calibration with consistent accurate writing and drawing results.


  • Multi-Pen support including gestures
  • High responsiveness and performance
  • Fast and easy auto-calibration
  • Minimized cost of ownership due to long lamp life and filter cleaning intervals
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Whiteboard with e3 Ceramicsteel™ Writing Surface for Excellent Writing performance

Technical Specifications

SHIPPING CONTENTS UM351Wi interactive projector incl. wall mount + 88” Whiteboard
BOARD DIMENSIONS [m] 1,944 x 1,233 x 0,015
PACKAGE WEIGHT [kg] Projector + Mount Whiteboard with Interactive Module 52.11 20.11 32
NET WEIGHT Projector Wall mount Interactive Module Whiteboard   5.7 9.3 0.1 31
PACKAGING DIMENSIONS [m] UM280Wi 88" Whiteboard 16:10   0.496 x 0.655 x 0.540 1.981 x 1.270 x 0.045
WARRANTY [years] Projector Wall mount Interactive Module Whiteboard   3 5 3 Lifetime Surface Warranty
Additional height adjustment mounts to purchase PJ03WHM (100013024) wall mount manually height adjustable PJ03MHA (100013384) mobile automatically height adjustable wall mount PJ03WHA (100012976)  wall mount automatically height adjustable