The power supplies are the heart of the partyline system, providing operating voltage to beltpacks and user stations. RTS’ unique, short-circuit reset feature and unparalleled mechanical engineering ensure reliable, trouble-free operation. PS-20 Features Audio Linking Intercom Channels Connections Monitoring Program Input Selectable Mode Operation Selectable Termination Impedance Status Indicators Specifications Color Grey Depth 8.56″ (217.5 mm)… Read more →

RTS Two-Wire intercom systems, RTS Audiocom balanced partyline intercom systems, wired beltpacks & user stations, and more. RTS Two-Wire Intercom beltpacks are mechanically engineered to be rugged and dependable and provide maximum voice intelligibility. BP-4000 Single-channel portable beltpack headset station for mobile users BP-5000 Dual-channel portable beltpack headset station for mobile users BP-325 Dual-Channel Binaural… Read more →

Rugged and dependable RTS Two-Wire Intercom user stations form the widest variety of stationary communications stations in the industry. RTS Two-Wire Intercom user stations are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications regardless of what physical profile is required. CM-300L Console-Mount User Station MRT-327 2-Channel User Station RM-325 2-Channel Stereo User Station SPK-300L… Read more →