Software Products

The software enables the transfer of a Windows or Mac high quality content to up to 4 projectors via a wired or wireless network.There is no need for any installation on a PC and no need for any administrator rights. The software can be launched from a standard USB Memory Stick. This enables simple operation… Read more →

WIU (Wireless Image Utility) can send images wirelessly from your iOS and Android mobilde devices and touch pads. It is a FREE Download from the iTunes Store and for a small fee available on Google Play. Key Benefits of WIU in combination with a touch pad or smartphone are: Wireless transfer of files stored on… Read more →

Making digital signage interactive with leafengine, a unified sensor – software connectivity that enables access to a broad catalogue of sensors, including gender and age classification, proximity detection, NFC, QR-Codes and many others. On the leafportal you can access and administrate existing leafengine installations. NEC’s leafengine is a software product designed to integrate with existing… Read more →

SpectraView II is a highly accurate, reliable, repeatable and feature-rich solution for display calibration and profiling. Designed for professionals with color-accurate applications, SpectraView II combines the SpectraView Engine features of the award-winning NEC desktop PA-Series and large format UHD monitors with a colour-measurement sensor and sophisticated calibration software. The result is a highly accurate, reliable,… Read more →

Configuration tool for Touch Displays featuring ShadowSense touch technology.ShadowSense touch technology offers more than just an innovative, high performance, cost effective, multi-touch solution. The NEC Dashboard tool provides users with the ability to easily configure and modify the touchscreen behavior of all NEC ShadowSense touch products. Dashboard allows the user to adjust the performance and… Read more →

MultiPresenter is an application software which enables you to display your device’s screen (computer, smart phone, etc.) on projectors and large format displays ( MultiPresenter stick required ) via wired or wireless LAN. NEC MultiPresenter Application – the Missing Link to Easy Wireless Presenting Frustration caused by connectivity or networking issues and a jumble of… Read more →

Interactive Presentation Software to create dynamic and engaging presentations in collaborative environments.Passive slideshows can put your audience to sleep! Reactiv STAGE allows you to engage your audience through its easy to use and intuitive interface. Present your ideas, promote your products, convey your message, annotate and save your thoughts – all in a flash. Stimulate… Read more →

Driver and calibration software for the interactive whiteboard kit and camera (UM Series projectors).EyeRIS can transform any flat surface like a wall, whiteboard or a screen into a complete touch interactive surface providing Interactivity when it is needed. Click on the link below for more information : EyeRIS NEC Edition (IWB Setup Software)