Accessories for Monitoring

Features Local designed Metal Ears for 21″ Monitor Rack-Mount Please note that the monitor will sit on the top rack surface!

The new RK-C213D1GA is a complex adjustable 19″ rack mount suitable for housing a selection of JVC monitor models. Due to customers liking to mount monitors bigger than 19″ to standard rack chassis mounts JVC developed this changeable viewing angle rack to be flexible enough to house our 17, 21 and 23 inch monitors. The… Read more →

Features Designed Local for 17″ Monitors 2 Side ears for 19″ rack systems

High quality rack-mount designed to house JVC’s selection of 17 inch professional monitors. Features Designed to house the DT-V17 monitors 7U height Robust design

Designed to house the 15 inch model of the DT-E series of cost effective professional monitors, this durable rack mount allows 3 tilt positions of 0, 10 and 20 degrees. Features Designed for DT-E15L4 monitor Tilt positions 0°/10°/20° Durable design 6U Height

The RK-C9D2EA Rack mount for the 9 inch DT-V9L LCD monitor can fit 2 Monitors. Features Designed for DT-V9 monitor Durable design 4U Height